Hi! I’m Saiyyidah


When I was 7 years old I was reflecting and made 3 decisions:

  1. Learning will always be part of my life,
  2. Relationships are important and need time,
  3. I am determined to live life on my terms, in service to others.

Those decisions anchored me for the last 40+ years and still serve me today. I'm in my 5th career, I have far too many degrees and qualifications, I love what I do, and I always aim to stay focused on what is important: people and the impact that they have. Let's just say I’m doing the work I was born to do and totally loving it! 

Twenty years later my reflective practice started when I bought Donald Schon's 'The Reflective Practitioner.' It was on the reading list for my Architecture professional qualification exams. That was more than two decades ago and I haven't stopped reflecting since.

A bit more detail...


Let's be clear — I LOVE learning... and reflecting.

Brendon Burchard, the worlds #1 high performance coach said 'Saiyyidah is incredibly dedicated to making a difference in this world. She practices what she preaches. You want to learn from someone who does the hard work of growth learning themselves, and Saiyyidah is a master learner. She has distinctions and advice that can truly help you grow.'

Yes, I do the hard work of learning! I go deep and broad because I feel as if I owe it to you, myself, and the knowledge I'm learning. I study as a hobby. I do appreciate how odd that sounds— I really know—as I've seen the look on peoples faces when I say my leisure activities are all learning related and don't disclose something fun like eating at 5* restaurants, surfing, or camping. Yet the dark side of it is imposter syndrome occasionally kicks in and tell me despite 5 degrees, 10+ years as a leader in local government and 11+ years of coaching leaders, I still need to learn more.

One thing is certain... I will reflect and learn until the end of my days. I see myself as a work in progress and am always willing to learn a new insight, receive feedback to improve. I want to keep growing and be chasing my best self.



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